Text Box: ChemCapture was developed by EVCO Industrial, a leader in designing and engineering finishing equipment for industry.

The complete

chemical recapture

pretreatment system

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ChemCapture, the complete chemical recapture pretreatment system, is ideal for manufacturers specializing in paint and powder coating.


Our zero effluent, closed-loop system not only eliminates the complications of environmental regulations, but ensures your quick return on investment by reclaiming expensive wash chemistries.


A robust and compact industrial design—flexible to your production needs—is equally energy efficient and automated for ease of use.


The heated, coil-free solution tank prevents the risk of microbe growth and allows for precise management of chemistry by eliminating downstream injection.


A built-in pressure washer to 2,000 pounds provides for fresh water or RO rinse.


The seamless, automatic operation allows for ease of use, management of resources and chemistries, and reduced requirements for operator oversight.


ChemCapture is your system for realizing immediate, measurable results in resource management, cost savings, and productivity.

ChemCapture, the complete chemical recapture pretreatment system,

ideal for paint and powder coating