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The complete

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pretreatment system

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The ChemCapture chemical recapture pretreatment system, including all components listed below, is available to you for less than $50,000—an investment that will realize immediate and measurable savings for your business.



The philosophy of the ChemCapture system is that it can accommodate a variety of chemistries and process temperatures. To best control the process, heating and monitoring the specifications of the chemistry from the tank is far superior to attempting to downstream inject chemistry (common with most wash reclaim systems). The heated tank also prevents the growth of bacteria and algae which are common when using “cold tank” recycling systems.


> High temperature plastic tank, supported by powder-coated steel plate and frame, is impervious to harsh chemicals allows for 300 gallons.

> Electronic level control management is accurate to within one gallon.

> Solution is re-circulated at 45 gallons/minute by a 316 stainless pump with viton seals.

> Recirculation loop passes through heavy duty, 36” stainless steel filter vessel with stainless or CPVC plumbing that is flanged to prevent leaking.

> Solution travels through 400,000 BTU 3/4” diameter, chemically resistant alloy fin tube heat exchanger at 45 gallons/minute, allowing for gentle heat transfer of less than 20 degrees F for each cycle and preventing chemistry from fusing to the heat exchanger (unlike typical coil heaters that transfer heat quickly with a 120 degree temperature impact).

> Solution circulates back to the tank and is injected along the bottom to maintain good motion and any contaminants in suspension.


Optional chemical injection control systems (several models) are available with ChemCapture, and which regulates the chemistry concentrations in the tank to ensure pretreatment specifications. See “OPTIONS AND ADD-ONS” for additional information.



> Integrated directly into the system and powered by the main control panel.

> Incorporates a 440 three-phase premium efficiency, inverter-duty electric motor (other electrical service also available).

> Rated up to 2,400 PSI at 4.5 gallons/minute up to 190 degrees F.

> High quality wash wand assembly with pressure diverter handle to allow for regulation of pressure during operation; simple disconnect nozzles offer various spray patterns and pressures.

> Durable, 50 foot hose (other lengths also available) is rated up to 4,000 PSI and equipped with quick disconnect fittings.

> Pump is outfitted with custom control system that automatically turns on/off when the wand trigger is off and the washer is in bypass mode for a short period of time, eliminating wear and tear on the pump and motor and preventing solution from heating in the bypass line when the wand is shut off.

> Pressure washer assembly is rubber mounted to a powder-coated steel frame with removable hood to absorb vibration.

> Washer is controlled from wash to rinse, on and off, via a remote pendant assembly that is easily accessible to the operator.



> An optional high-end, submersible sump pump to return wash water is recommended and completely encased in plastic, .4 HSP, and 45 GPM max. The pump was designed for the plating industry to aggressively move chemistry from tank to tank, and given that we have never experienced failure with it, we recommend it to all customers. Either a float switch or a water sensing unit that recognizes at 1/2” high, is 115V, 4.5 AMPS, includes a “twist type” plug, and is operated directly from the main control panel, are available. If you opt to provide your own sump pump, we will provide the “male” end of the twist plug. See “OPTIONS AND ADD-ONS” for additional information.

> A schedule 80 PVC check valve to prevent solution from backing up.

> Incoming polypropylene bag filter housing with 200 micron nylon bag to filter large particles before returning solution.

> An optional schedule 80 PVC 3/4” return line from the wash area to the system is recommended. See “OPTIONS AND ADD-ONS” for additional information.

> An optional sump well that can accommodate two submersible pumps, can be easily cemented into an existing floor, and can detect even a small amount of solution in the tank is recommended. The well will turn the pump on when solution is detected and send it back to the wash tank, ensuring that wash and rinse water do not combine and/or dilute the solution in the tank. See “OPTIONS AND ADD-ONS” for additional information.

> Control system automatically detects the level in the wash tank within one gallon and engages the sump pump to return the solution to the tank—regardless of sump pump used.



The philosophy of the ChemCapture system is that rinse water must always be clean, cannot be reused, and under best conditions should be RO to ensure that contamination is properly rinsed from the part. In addition, if the part is properly cleaned, only minimal amounts of rinse water are required and conservation is maximized.


The only way to allow fresh or RO rinse water to be used in the system is to have a mechanism in place for getting rid of contaminated rinse water. Competing recycling systems do not allow for removal of contaminated rinse water, continuing to allow it to accumulate and forcing dirty rinses or mandatory disposals. Many systems attempt to use filtration to solve this problem—creating other problems like expensive filter maintenance. Other systems apply what is known as “no rinse” chemistry—but only work if all chemistry is clean and not reused or contaminated.


ChemCapture allows for water to be removed from the system, leaving room for fresh water to be introduced. The rinse water sequence of operation is as follows:


1. Initial rinse water is returned to the wash tank as make-up water.

2. The accurate level control system in Tank #1 will detect when the tank is completely full and only then automatically shift the rinse water from Tank #1 to Tank #2 for evaporation.

3. Operators mindful of economizing rinse water can ensure it is absorbed into the system as make-up water.

4. When Tank #2 has accumulated contaminated rinse water, it will trigger a level control and automatically activate the evaporation system (or an operator can manually activate the evaporation system with a selector switch at any time).


Tank #2: Evaporation and Recirculation

> High temperature plastic tank supported by powder-coated steel plate and frame.

> Just as with Tank #1, a 316 stainless pump circulates the waste rinse water through a filter and into the heat exchanger.

> The same heat exchanger as described previously is utilized during the evaporation process. When the wash solution is to temperature, the heater is diverted using a series of automatic valves and from heating the wash tank to heating the evaporation system. This eliminates the need for a separate evaporation heater and serves to constantly “flush out” the heat exchanger.


The Evaporator

ChemCapture incorporates an atmospheric evaporation system to remove contaminated rinse water. This allows for fresh or RO rinse water to be continuously brought into the system. The atmospheric evaporation process does not require heating the solution to boiling and, therefore, uses less energy than conventional evaporators. In addition, there is no heat plate in the system where chemistry can collect or fuse on the heat exchanger. With the ChemCapture system, contaminated rinse water is circulated through the same low-temperature heat exchanger as used to heat the wash tank and sprayed out in a mist that cascades over the evaporation media. Air is blown through the mist at 2,000 CFM and “cools” the solution, which causes evaporation at a rate of approximately 25 gallons/hour. At 140 degrees F, evaporation is approximately 40 gallons/hour. (Note that many factors influence the rate of evaporation, such as humidity in the ambient air.)


> Easy access with a maintenance-free design.

> Constructed of high temperature, chemical-resistant plastic and  supported by powder-coated steel plate and frame.

> Blower is 2,000 CFM with a 1 HSP motor integrated and controlled by the system.

> Re-circulating pump is 316 stainless and rated at 45 GPM.

> Evaporation and recirculation loop has high-temperature, opaque black , glass-reinforced nylon filter housing with 200 micron filter to prevent nozzle clogging.

> Provided with non-plugging packing evaporation media.









ChemCapture, the complete chemical recapture pretreatment system, for paint/powder coating



THE ChemCapture SYSTEM