Text Box: ChemCapture was developed by EVCO Industrial, a leader in designing and engineering finishing equipment for industry.

The complete

chemical recapture

pretreatment system

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ChemCapture is the complete chemical recapture pretreatment system ideal for manufacturers specializing in paint and powder coating.


ChemCapture is YOUR system for realizing immediate, measurable results in resource management, cost savings, and productivity.


Call us today to discuss how you can benefit from our integrated  ChemCapture system.

Who needs ChemCapture?


There is a simple way to determine if your business can realize immediate and measurable results by investing in ChemCapture. Ask yourself the following questions—are you:


> washing parts with a pressure washer?

> phosphating or pretreating parts for paint and powder coatings?

> washing expensive chemicals down the drain?

> sending oils and contaminants down the drain?

> trying to rinse with dirty water?

> bound by city sewer and restrictive regulations for waste disposal?


If you answered YES to the above questions, your business is a perfect fit to realize the benefits of an integrated system like ChemCapture, allowing you to:


> reclaim expensive chemistries and save money.

> conform to regulations by eliminating drain usage for contaminants.

> bring fresh or RO water into the system.

> ensure a good, clean rinse for best pretreatment of parts.

> evaporate off and eliminate contaminated water.